Subsea Mooring Connector

Subsea Mooring Connector

First Subsea's Ballgrab? Subsea Mooring Connector (SMC) is the industry’s leading mooring connector for deepwater mooring. SMCs are typically used in the mooring of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODU), floating production storage and offloading vessels (FPSO), Floating Production Units, SPARs and Submerged Turret Production (STP) buoys.

The SMC uses our patented ball and taper technology to provide a two-part, male/female connection with a multi-point grip in direct proportion to the load applied. The SMC is self-aligning and self-energising, enabling fast installation of mooring lines in both deep and shallow water.

With over 400 units supplied to date in over 40 subsea mooring installations worldwide, the SMC is designed and tested in accordance with certifying authority standards, and available in a range of sizes up to and over 2,600T MBL.

There are three types of SMC:

Series I - Rated up to 663T

Series II - Rated up to 1397T

Series III - Rated up to 2,600T

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