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About Us
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  CNOSAC is a professional technical company dedicated to marine engineering; currently, it is honored the title of “high and new technology enterprise” and “accreditation for software enterprise and software products”. It is reputed as the integrated enterprise specialized in construction of marine engineering, marine technical service, vessel chartering and management, research, development and sales of underwater equipment and sales and leasing of project equipment.

  The company strictly adheres to the principle of “good faith, high efficiency, development”, motivated by technological innovation and market demand, provides service for domestic and foreign clients in a sincere manner. Currently, it has set up three (3) branches and two (2) offices in the mainland, and invested and established companies in Hong Kong and Singapore. It has 10 personnel with Doctor’s degree, 45 with Master’s degree and 5 industrial experts as consultants. The company’s business has extended to England, Norway, Australia, France, Italy, Singapore and Malaysia.

  According to the national strategy of “construction of strong marine country”, the company positively responds to the development opportunities and challenges, accelerates its development, constantly upgrades the quality and benefits and provides domestic and foreign clients with first-class services in a sincere manner.

Address:916, Block C, Beichenfu V Center, Changying Town,
       Chaoyang District, Beijing, China




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